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Shearing has begun

2nd June 2020

The first shearing of the year is always the shearling rams that are for sale each year.

This year we clipped just under 900 rams over two days along with 1100 terminal sire bred dry hoggs. 

The rams are very well grown this year due to the dry winter and wet warm spring causing an abundance of grass.

The ewe hoggs were also well grown, in particular the Durno and Suffolk shearling ewes looked really impressive and very uniformed.


Next to shear will be the Febuary lambers,followed by April then May lambers.

If you want any information or to place an order on any of the rams this year you can contact us by phone or email.


Four man trailer putting 2000 sheep through in two days
wool bags after first two days of shearing
Durno shearling ewes being loaded into the wagon to go back to fields