Logie Durno Sheep
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Pedigree Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

Flock History

In 2010 we purchased the entire Grugoer flock of recorded Blue Faced Leicesters as the demand for the breed was evident in the area. Since then we have added to the flock with purchases from the renowned Cassington and Craig yr Orsedd flocks. We made the decision that if we were to breed Blue rams it must be on the same system as the rest of the sheep at Logie Durno. Therefore, the whole flock lambs in April with everything being entirely out wintered. Any animals that need additional assistance have been culled and the difference in the flock in such a short time period is remarkable.

All lambs are reared outside with no concentrate feed being given to either the lambs or the ewes. We select on traditional Blue qualities whilst also taking into account the hardiness of the animal and its ability to thrive without any additional assistance. We have tried to purchase the best rams we can find for the flock, these can be viewed on the stock sires page. In 2012 our 112 lambs recorded had an average index of 110, placing them on average well within the top 25% of the breed for signet index.

  • John and Anne Callum with sons John and Bruce, Milton of Culloden, Inverness

We have a mixture of owned and rented land which we farm 120 suckler cows and 600 ewes on.  Cows are mainly Simmental crosses put to the Charolais, Limousin and Simmental.  We sell all the calves as yearlings apart from replacements. We have 450 Mules and 150 Black Faces.  Black Face ewes are bought in as 5 year olds and put to the Blue Faced Leicester to breed our own Mule replacements.  Fat lambs are pretty much all sold from grass to Woodhead Bros sired by Durno, Texel and Suffolk tups.

We use Logie Durno tups because you know what you are getting, genuine well bred sheep.  The tups hold their condition through tupping and grow on after their first year.  They always have a huge choice of tups with excellent skins and length.  We don't have problems with rams feet anymore as they get older.  Lambs come out easily with improved vigour and definitely have a lot higher growth.