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Pedigree Texel Sheep

Flock History

We have been breeding Texels for 18 years at Logie Durno. The flock was founded on females purchased from a number of leading flocks, and has been built by buying the top commercial rams in th UK.

Our main breeding goal for the Texel flock is to produce top quality shearling rams with the commercial farmer in mind. Therefore we select on size, length, carcass, tight skins and correctness. We strive to purchase the best stock rams possible to compliment the flock, a number of the most influential sires can be viewed on the Stock rams page. The average peformance index of our 2017  Texel shearling rams is 367 which puts the whole crop in the top 5% of UK Texels. Our top index shearlings are over 500 with the UK top 1% being 395.

Future breed plans are to carry on breeding towards a long clean Texel which breeds E grade lambs, mating a lot of ewes and having high performance figures which gaurantee lambs will be more profitable for commercial farmers in the future.


Tom Wallace Newton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway

I have been getting my tups from Logie Durno for a long time now. It is all about trust for me since we have never actually met, I just phone them and let them know what I want and then they send them down. I run Mule ewes which I lamb inside and feed with a TMR diet, and I like to get them away outside to grass as quick as possible.

I have less problems with my tups since I have started buying from Logie Durno, and they last longer than previous tups. I normally buy a few Texel tups a year to replace old ones. I like the Texel x Mule lambs as they finish well. All my lambs get sent to Woodhead Bros. and when I started using Logie Durno tups they gave me feed back saying the lambs were improved and grading better at better weights than before.



There is a Huge Selection of Texel rams available in 2017 which can be ordered today and delivered anywhere in the UK.