Logie Durno Sheep
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Logie is our lowest input maternal breed, and is designed with longevity and a smaller mature weight than other breeds.

The Logie is the flagship maternal breed here and produced exclusively by Logie Durno Sheep. Based on its unique breeding, selection and management features. The Logie has been designed to give customers ease of lambing, and offspring which are ideal for retaining as replacement ewes in a flock, providing increased mothering ability and productivity.

Logies have been a fixed breed for over 10 years originating from a F1 cross of the Durno and Lleyn. Lleyn bloodlines provide an easy to manage medium size productive ewe with good prolificacy, excellent mothering and milking ability. The inclusion of the Durno provides increased growth rates and conformation whilst still retaining lambing ease and vigour to suit a low input system.

Logie ewes are lambed entirely outside in May, with only grass all year round. This method of rearing allows for culling of any weak or troublesome animals wich cannot excel on grass alone, leaving us with sheep which get on with the job!

Logie rams which are offered for sale from this flock therefore have shown the ability to survive completely outside with their mothers, receiving no additional care and achieving top growth rates. Using a Logie ram will give customers a lamb which is born easly and gets up quickly, utilises grass well and is slaughtered to an above average carcase which the market wants. The female will be retained and produce future stock.


TESTIMONIAL: Nigel Coote, Buckinghamshire - “The first crop of Logie 'crossbred' lambs got up and sucked quicker at lambing, had better wool cover, and have also produced some fat lambs sooner than we would normally be used to. They look smart also !!
Also the ewes which were tupped by the Logie rams scanned 24% higher than the rest of the flock.
I will be putting the Logie crossbred ewe lambs to the tup this year, as they will be big enough to take the ram. I have not been able to do this for a number of years. “

Nigel was so impressed with how his Logies performed last year he came back and purchased 2 more rams along with 180 breeding females in August this year,