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Fronteira Sheep

Flock History

New for 2015!

The Fronteira has been developed over recent years incompassing Logie Durno Texel and Blue Faced Leicester genetics. They are predominantly maternal sires for breeding replacement females, with the added benefit of producing a top quality prime lamb. This has been proven in our own trials where Fronteira lambs have matched terminal sires for growth rate and killing out percentage, whilst maintaining good carcase grades.

Another benefit of using Fronteira is that we have spent a lot of time selecting top genetics in the parent pedigree breeds to base the foundation of our nucleus flock. Stock sires used have been in the top 1% of their breeds for performance, and have excelled in growth rate, muscle and fat depth. Other trials that we have particularly paid attention to are fleece quality, which is vital for producing females which are visually attractive for selling. Fronteira rams have been selected for good feet and structure so rams can live longer and mate a higher number of years. 

Like all Logie Durno rams the Fronteiras have been bred and selected in a forage based commercial type system so they have the ability to perform well in any situation. They provide prolific, hardy ewes with plenty of milk.


Fronteiras are the ram for you if you are looking for: 

  • A dual purpose sire providing replacement females and quality prime lambs
  • Lambs with length and growth rate
  • Prolific ewes which thrive on grass systems
  • Ideal for keeping a closed flock
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor lambing