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Pedigree Suffolk Sheep

Flock History


We started breeding Suffolks as we realised that there was a massive demand for the breed particularly in the North East of Scotland, however many commercial farmers were unhappy with the rams that they were buying. Therefore, we made the decision to breed a Suffolk flock which maintains the obvious benefits of the breed with exceptional growth rates and killing out percentage, whilst being as low maintenance a sire as possible.

We have selected animals which have been easy lambing, shown good vigour and mothering ability, whilst also possessing incredible growth rate and muscling. We have used the rams on some of our own commercial ewes and the way in which their offspring have performed is truly unbelievable. The lambs require minimal assistance at birth and they are growing out of their skins, with the fleshing qualities they possess easily visible to the eye. The average EBV`s of our 101 lambs born in 2014 are 8 week weight - top 1%, Scan weight top 1%, Muscle Depth - top 1 %, terminal sire index - top 1% and maternal index top 5% of the breed.

  • Robbie, Barbara and James Milne, Aberdeenshire

We have been buying Logie Durno Terminal sires for years.  Lambs grow very quickly, which means we can get them away early leaving grass for the ewes and cows.

Grading sheets are brilliant with almost every lamb hitting the mark!

Increased vigour - more lambs - heavier, better grades at slaughter