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Durno Beltex

Our Highest Muscle yield

The Durno Beltex breed has been established over a number of years, first established by putting Durno and Beltex genetics together. An entire year group of Durno ewes were AI`d with Beltex semen to start this breeding programme meaning the best of genetics were used. Beltex rams were chosen for extreme muscling and correctness.

Durno Beltex rams offer the highest KO% of all our breeds and add great shape to the hind quarters of any lamb. They give you Beltex shape but with more length and growth. Their lambs sell brilliantly live or dead.

We think they work particularly well on Hoggs or large ewes.

Durno Beltex lambs have below average birth weights of roughly 4-5 kg depending on the ewe making them ideal for hoggs as the lambs are small at birth but grow quickly.

They work well with large ewes which will already produce a big fast growing lamb to 21kg. The Durno Beltex will give it improved KO% and a better classification grade without the carcass gowing over weight.


  • Wil & Ruth Williams, TyHen, Llangwandl, North Wales

I lamb about 2100 welsh ewes a year with my Wife and Sons. I bought Texel, Durno and Durno Beltex rams from Logie Durno last year and I am really pleased with how they have done. They have survived the winter well and still look good.

I think that I like the Durno Beltex lambs the best so far from my type of ewes but I will reserve judgement until I have the lambs away and see which breed have weighed and paid best. Once I have sorted out my lambs I will put the ewes with female lambs back onto the hill and the ones with male lambs will stay on the low ground for selling. Most of my lambs go to Woodhead bros, except the tail end that will go to market.

The Logie Durno lambs are growing well and were up on their feet quickly.


There is a Huge Selection of Durno Beltex rams available in 2021 which can be ordered today and delivered anywhere in the UK.