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Commercial Catch Up

10th October 2018

Michael Ritch - Fingask Farms, Scotland

Three generations of the Ritch family run their mixed farming business in Scotland. Michael the youngest of the three is a keen sheep farmer, after introducing sheep to their beef and arable business on entering the business 5 years ago. Michael started his flock with a mixture of breeds and ages which he sourced from local markets. He has chosen from the start to use Logie rams as a dual purpose sire to breed his replacement flock and to produce slaughter lambs.

He lambs his ewes in Mid May on their most upland farm which is best utilised by sheep. He does not concentrate feed at all, lambing all ewes on the hill fields without extra feed. Lambs are not creep fed, and ewes are scored on how many kg of lamb they produce from grass. His top yielding logie ewes are producing well in excess of their own body weight and he is striving to have every ewe achieving this. Lambs have been processed over the last month and will continue throughout the Autumn. Lambs are averaging over 21kg dead, and are mostly U and R grades. Viedo of Michaels ewes and lambs at marking time

We still have many Logie Rams available which can be used to convert any type of ewe into a flock to produce high kg of lamb from an all grass system while still hitting market spec and good prices.

Kill sheet from September for Michaels Logie lambs
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