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Large Export Deal Completed to Germany

28th October 2015

The largest shipment of live LD sheep to date was completed earlier this month to Germany. The group which consisted of 27 top quality performance recorded Charollais shearling ewes, and a group of 4 rams was purchased by one of the top Charollais breeders in Germany Mr Volker Derbisz.

Mr Derbisz flew to Scotland and hand picked the 27 Charollais female ewes to go back with him. In particular he chose based on sound structure and overall correctness paying close attention to feet and mouths. Also Mr Derbisz was a big fan of a good shoulder and good length.

Along with the females 4 rams travelled across Europe. Mr Durbisz purchased two very well bred Charollais shearling rams along with a young April born Suffolk ram lamb which he will use as future stock sires in his flocks.

The last sheep that made the journey was a May born Logie Hybrid ram. Purchased by a very knowledgeable commercial sheep farmer from Germany. He had accompanied Volker on his trip and had become interested in the Logie Breed and its abillity to wean high numbers of good R/U carcased lambs from grass following lambing outside. The lambs will be used on German commercial ewes to produce replacement females for his flock.


This is a great achievment for the team at Logie Durno Sheep as it is the first time a live sheep has been exported from its Unique maternal line, the Logie!!

For more information on purchasing sheep for both UK and Europe please contact a member of our team through this website!



Some of the LD Charollais exported to Germany
Some of the LD Charollais exported to Germany
The four rams that travelled to Germany