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Performance to plate OPEN DAY At Logie Durno Sheep

13th July 2014

"Performance to plate" -  13th of July 2014

The open day was a great success with between 150 and 180 people in attendance. The theme of the day was "performance to plate" giving on lookers a great chance to see something new and gain some ideas.

The afternoons format consisted a butchery demonstartion showing how value can be added to the finished product. Talks from Industry specialists representing Morrisons supermarket and QMS. A back fat scanning demo showing how what you see on top of the skin does not always reflect what is going on below the skin, and finally a look at the different breeds and options of rams that Logie Durno Sheep have on offer this year!

Do not forget that the sale is less than a month away now on the 13th of August!!!

"The lamb man" cutting up a nice 24kg lamb and adding value all the time!
Logie Durno lambs waiting to be weighed and backfat scanned - The suffolk was 62kg at 114 days old, and has never had anything enter its stomach but milk and grass!!!
William Wilson explaining the theory behind back fat scanning.