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2nd June 2021

Now that lambing time is past all of our rams are for sale direct from the farm.

Some of the main benefits to working with us are:

All the rams are bred and selected by ourselves not satalite producers. Which means when you call us you are speaking to the person who picks your ram and knows the sheep inside out.

We treat our health status very seriously. Infact it is at a standard that we can send live sheep as far a field as Russia. This attitude on flock health will help give you the piece of mind to buy sheep and not worry about bringing in a problem.

Because we are active sheep farmers and not a sales team, when you give us a call we can have an honest discussion together. looking at where your flock is right now and try look forward together to how we can improve profitabliity be getting the right rams to you.

Our business relies completely on the stock doing well for you. Our reputation is to look after our relationship post delivery and if there are any problems we always sort it out that you are happy.


The simple way to sort out tupping this year is to pick up the phone, have a chat, we will deliver the rams to you and keep in contact throughout.


This years rams on turnips in winter
This years rams on turnips in winter