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Tymaen Poundstretcher

Tymaen Pounstretcher
Tymaen Pounstretcher

Poundstretcher was purchased jointly at the 2015 premier sale for 4000gns.

The purchase of this ram shows how Logie Durno Sheep is looking to the future and how the Charollais ram is fixed in the commercial sector. He will be specifically targeted on the stylish showy female lines, where he will add muscle depth in the loin and overall carcas weight.

Poundstretchers figures are more than imppressive, with an actual live weight of 83kg at 147 days which equals an average daily liveweight gain of over 0.5kg assuming a 7kg birth weight.

Also he measured a massive 35.3mm of musccle in his loin with an overall terminal sire index of 355.